Almost 700 Protesters were Taken into Custody for Blocking Highway in Dallas

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According to Dallas Police Chief, Renee Hall, the number of people taken into custody almost increased to 700, and many of them were potential candidates for arrest charges. All of this happened throughout June when the protests against police brutality towards the Black community were at its peak.

Most of the protesters opted to block highways to make their message heard, but that only led them to more problems. The exact number of protesters taken into custody was 647 after they blocked the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Hall, unapologetically, said that she constantly “warned” the protesters, but they insisted on breaking the law, and then she ordered the detainment of all the individuals. “We warned them,” said Hall during a press conference, and expressed that police must arrest people that break the law.

Many people showed their discontent towards the police’s actions, but she said that her work isn’t exactly making people happy but to keep the city and its inhabitants safe. “That is our goal,” said Hall.

The protest made back in June where powerfully peaceful but was still breaking the law. During particular times, they decided to walk. Hall said they “supported that walk,” but things started to change once a high number of people started reaching the Margaret Hunt Bridge. She also mentioned that she gave them multiple warnings because that’s breaking the law. However, they overlooked the officer’s orders and continued protesting.

According to the penal code 42.03, it is not allowed for people to walk in the middle of a roadway, freeway, or overpass. It seems that most people have no knowledge about these laws, and that’s what potentially leads to their detainment.

Even with the multiple warnings given by the police officers, the protesters still blocked the highway. They did not stop for a moment, and some moments after that, things started having a dramatic turn when all of them took a knee and shouted, “Don’t shoot!”

Hall reiterated that “if people break the law, we must arrest them. People should not be surprised by this statement.”

However, in other states, protests were happening as well, but things had a different and distant outcome. For example, in Rochester, New York, a significant number of protesters blocked one of the city’s most important highways. However, unlike in Dallas, officers were surrounding people and did not take any action against them.

Also, it is necessary to mention that things were taken even further. Two vehicles that belonged to Monroe County’s Sheriff were torched. This event is still being investigated, and the culprits haven’t been found until now. The reason for the fire is still unknown as well. Even with people trying to demonize Hall, the police officer has demonstrated her support towards the protests for George Floyd’s death. She got down on one knee, and proceeded to give a persuasive and meaningful speech that ended with the message that all these protests have been trying to note: “Black lives do matter.”