Dave Chapelle checks on Kanye West after his Twitter rant

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Kanye West is currently living on a ranch in Wyoming, with no members of his family. However, that doesn’t stop the famous rapper from having some good company. As Kanye himself confirmed on a video he posted on social media; Dave Chapelle visited him on the ranch to check on him.

These pairs seem to have a meaningful friendship. Kanye said that Dave comes to visit him on his jet, and said that he’s one of the best gifts’ god sent to him. Dave Chapelle is a comedian, and of course, a moment of laugh was obviously going to occur if he was around. Things got a little bit awkward after Kanye asked him to tell “a joke,” It was all recorded-on video.

There were other people present, but the comedian said he wasn’t feeling in the mood. However, everyone managed to encourage him to tell a great punchline that, of course, made his old friend Kanye laugh in the middle of all the chaos that is going on in his life currently.

It is known that Kanye West suffers from bipolar disorder, but it’s unclear which particular type of disease he suffers. However, according to all the information known about this mental illness, it makes some people more vulnerable when not it is adequately controlled primarily during the manic episodes. These episodes seem to be stronger in some people, and weaker in others.

Many people think that Kanye was going through one of these episodes during his Twitter rant last Monday. There were multiple severe accusations against the Kardashian family, including his wife, Kim, and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner. Kanye tweeted several comments against Kim, including that she tried to “lock him in a mental hospital” and thought of getting an abortion for their firstborn, North.

The rant got worse. Then he started going against Kris Jenner, whom he accused of being manipulative thanks to many crucial decisions that were taken previously about Kim’s career, one of those being selling her

famous sex tape.

Dave is currently residing in Ohio, which means that it was a long trip to Wyoming. He’s currently only making comedy gigs on his area, which are only accessible through invitation. Anyway, Distance is nothing for some people, and he still traveled so many miles to put a smile on his friend’s face after all the torment he was feeling (and probably still is) all that time.

Kanye already apologized to his wife, Kim, publicly on Twitter. This isn’t the first time something like this happens. There have been too many concerns about Kanye’s mental well-being for some years, and these have increased since he was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He also attended his first presidential rally on Sunday, which ended up with him crying after revealing he and Kim talked about aborting their firstborn, North, when his wife was pregnant.

Kanye was supposed to drop his new album on Friday, July 24. However, he postponed it, apparently to not compete directly with Taylor Swift, who dropped a surprise album, “folklore,” that same day.