Dwayne Wade apologizes about supporting Nick Cannon’s after his anti-Semitic comments

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These days, Twitter is one of the most active social media when it comes to news. This is the celebrities’ favorite place to get in touch with the fans, and all the information spreads so quickly that everyone is waiting for someone to make even the slightest mistake to “cancel” them. This time, Dwayne Wayne was the one to fall under this unfortunate destiny.

Recently, ViacomCBS fired Nick Cannon, who was the host of a popular podcast, after the anti-Semitic comments he made on it.

Wade twitted about his support towards Cannon through this legal process. Still, the message was open to interpretation, and most people believed he was showing support towards the comments against the Jewish community. After thousands of tweets showing their disgust towards Wade and Cannon, he finally deleted the twit.

Then, he proceeded to twit once more, this time to explain that he isn’t showing support towards hate speech and that he differs from the comments shared by Cannon during the podcast. However, he clarified that he does support Cannon’s ownership of “the content and brand he helped create.”

Wade twitted again one hour later, this time explaining that he wasn’t fully informed about Cannon’s comments on the latest update of his podcast, which had Professor Griff as a guest. Griff was fired from Public Enemy for his comments against the Jewish community, saying, “they are part of all the wickedness that goes on across the globe,” according to the information shares by Rolling Stone.

In the podcast, Cannon agrees with Griff’s anti-Semitic comments and affirms that Jewish people have stolen part of the Black community’s identity, and refers the last ones as “true Hebrews,” according to the news shared by the Associated Press.

Nick Cannon already apologized about his comments, expressing that he “did not want his Jewish brothers and sisters to go through this pain.” On his apology, Cannon says he says that he’s making a great effort trying to bring the Jewish and Black community closer.

This isn’t the first time someone has been hugely criticized for the comments shared through social media. The latest celebrity to bring the social outrage out was the famous author J. K. Rowling, known for writing the Harry Potter saga. Similarly, to Cannon, many people have shown their disgust towards Rowling’s anti-Semitic and transphobic comments she has been sharing through Twitter for some time. This caused her to lose several work opportunities, and she has been banned from several Harry Potter communities and other places since then. 

Unlike Rowling, Cannon has addressed his mistake. Although some people are still showing their discontent, things seem to be calmer now. These are times when being inclusive, sharing positivity, and showing support, tolerance, and respect towards everyone are essential.

Recognizing the differences between each other and understanding, this is what will bring the world closer to each other in the future, is one of the most important things nowadays.