Dwight Howard insists on not wearing a mask in Walt Disney World Resort Bubble

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In mid of Florida’s Covid-19 outbreak, Dwight Howard’s beliefs have been causing polemics. He insists on not wearing a mask even when that’s a strict requirement for coexisting with other people in the resort, but not only that, a video of him saying he “doesn’t believe in vaccinations” has been spreading around Twitter for some time now.

Howard has questioned why players must wear the face masks and are always sharing pictures and videos of him not wearing one through social media.

He took one step further recently during an Instagram live, where people can freely share comments in real-time and host can read them. One of his followers questioned him about his beliefs about vaccinations, to which he replied negatively.

“That’s my personal opinion, but no, I don’t,” Howard said. During Instagram live, he was seen not wearing a mask despite many people being around him. The clip immediately spread around social media, which caused polemic towards many users and fans.

If that wasn’t enough, more news was shared by USA Today. The note says that Howard “didn’t know coronavirus was constantly searching for new people to infect by flying through the air.” In fact, this is how most viruses propagate around the environment, which is why they use of face masks is necessary while being out on the streets and other places.

Howard offered an explanation about his decisions. He believes he can’t contract the virus while being in Walt Disney World because the players aren’t allowed to go out from the bubble. However, that is not the case. Even if players and other sports-related personnel aren’t allowed to leave the place, Disney World’s staff are able to do so.

As it was previously mentioned, he is not wearing a mask most of the time, and freely shares pictures and videos through social media. However, that didn’t stop him from saying, “someone told on him” about not wearing a mask, while clearly, the only one to blame is him.

While the rest of the people surrounding them can be seen wearing a mask on his Instagram lives, he obviously outstands among them because he’s the only one not wearing one. This is alarming, primarily after Florida has achieved more than 350,000 Covid-19 cases following Disney World’s reopening to the public during the first two weeks of July. Even if they’re currently living in a bubble, wearing a face mask is necessary to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

Dwight Howard is one of the many people that have continuously been crusading about not wanting to wear a mask. People have been continuously protesting either pro or against the masks, and some people even believe the virus “isn’t real.”

Dwight’s opinion is problematic in many ways. While the staff is making a great effort trying to keep the players safe, he’s going against them even after witnessing the chaos the virus has brought to the world.