“Friends” reunion could happen sooner than expected, says David Schwimmer

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It was recently confirmed that a reunion episode of the popular 90s series, Friends, would be filmed and then released, but there were no specific details given about dates. However, things seem to be different now, and fans can expect this hugely expected reunion to happen sooner. David Schwimmer has said that they will very likely start filming the episode in August.

This sounds exciting, but everything depends on how the situation regarding coronavirus improves during the next weeks.

At 53, Schwimmer was invited to the Tonight Show Starting Jimmy Fallon, where he shared all the details with the famous host. He also said ‘special bits’ would be featured on the episode, but it is still unclear to everyone what he tried to say, and he didn’t want to give more details about it. It seems like this special reunion episode will be full of surprises!

Also, note that he didn’t give a specific day or date for the filming. “Maybe in August, the middle of August,” said Schwimmer, and then expressed that it all depends on the situation and if it has become safer for them to go when it’s time to start filming. This means that the episode could either happen sooner than expected or take more time to be developed and finally brought to our TVs.

“Friends,” or stylized as “F•R•I•E•N•D•S” first aired in 1994. It became so popular that it is now an essential part of pop culture. The show recently gained more popularity within the new generation, and some fans that spotted Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey on the show, asked him many times if he was “Joey’s dad.”

The episode is scheduled to air on HBO Max, and all the main characters will be together again for oneepisode. Many fans think this is an excellent opportunity to give certain storylines a proper explanation or ending, including that strange romance between Ross and Rachel. During the show, Schwimmer joked of the most commented events of the series, which is the “break” between the mentioned couple. Schwimmer was surprised to see people still “so passionate” about the matter, even after all these years.

Schwimmer said that, in fact, the couple was on a break.

The final episode of Friends aired 16 years ago. Thespecial episode announcement was made on February 16, and it was supposed to be premiered in May. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the plans were delayed until things are safer for everyone, and the episode can be filmed with no problems.

The main cast consisted of 6 members: Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), who was in a turbulent romance with Ross (David Schwimmer); the charming Joey (Matt LeBlanc) that even got a spinoff; Monica (Courtney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), and Chandler (Matthew Perry). All the members were excited to announce the reunion on their social media, and they all posted the same picture to make the announcement a bit more “cozy.”

Fans have to wait for a bit more until more news is announced, but for now, they can still enjoy the episodes through many streaming services.