Hollywood Reporter Columnist Calls Out for People to acknowledge recent Outbreak of Anti-Semitic Comments

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It seems that social media and other media are being used by people to promote hate speech against almost everyone. Every day, a new polemic arises, and this time, the anti-Semitic comments have been spreading around the web for some time now. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a well-known Hollywood Reporter columnist, has called out for people to acknowledge this problem.

Even if these posts are hugely controversial, people seem to overlook them, which aggravates the problem and puts in risk all the progress made with the Black Lives Matter movement. The tweets and posts come with well-known people from Hollywood and the sports scene.

Abdul-Jabbar says one of the primary sources of the problem is the famous rapper, Ice Cube. In June, the rapper had been posting continuously during ten days of particular images. In general, what he was trying to say is that “Jews are responsible for the oppression of Black people”, but this does not stop here. Another well-known public image, DeSean Jackson (NFL player), also posted several anti-Semitic texts on his Twitter account, including an incorrectly-addressed quote from Hitler.

Another public figure, Chelsea Handler, posted a video where more than 3 million people were able to watch a subliminal anti-Semitic message, even when she’s Jewish.

Since the start of his first presidential campaign, President Donald Trump has been in the eye of the hurricane thanks to the controversial comments and actions he has made throughout the years. First, his xenophobia against Latin-American people, and now with his current reelection campaign, he is subliminally spreading hate speech towards the Jewish community. Many people have realized this issue; however, it seems that they prefer to overlook it instead of acting towards it.

Throughout the post, Abdul-Jabbar calls out for people to acknowledge these problems. If anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression and discrimination quickly spread like this through the media, oppressed minorities will never have a well-deserved place in the world. Things seem to be going backward instead of towards, and we’re reaching a point where a universal doubt within all people rises: will we be able to live in a world where everyone can actually respect each other regardless of their background? That scenario seems impossible, and the Hollywood Reporter columnist makes it crystal clear on the post.

Of course, many of these characters have already offered an apology. However, apologies don’t fix bullet holes, and we are yet to see some real action around the world to fight against hate. Injustice won’t be fought with more injustice; it will only make the problem more acute. The war is far from over, and people must come together, and people need to start acknowledging the problems that are currently happening. Yes, it’s easier to stay quiet, but that puts you on the oppressor’s side.

Why not use your voice for something bigger? Some can’t use it any more thanks to all the injustice that keeps increasing in the world.