Joe Biden wishes for more Islam faith to be taught at schools, and promises to put an end to Trump’s ban on Muslim people from day one

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Joe Biden, an ex-vice president and presidential candidate for this year, talked on the first day of “A Million Muslim Votes,” a Muslim voter summit that featured several Muslim leaders. Just like the summit gave visibility to this minority, anti-Semitic comments weren’t left out during the event, and many of them came from well-known Muslim leaders.

Biden initiated his discourse wishing for more Islam faith to be taught in school, and then he promised to rescind “Trump’s vile Muslim ban” from the very first day. Let’s remember that this ban was made for “security concerns,” it is transient. It includes most immigrants and travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The “Muslim Ban” forbids the entrance to the United States to people that come from the previously mentioned countries. These countries are internationally recognized as accomplices and financers of Islamic terrorism. The countries that have terrorist cells working actively, no matter if the person is Muslim or not, are banned as well.

This Muslim voter summit was organized by Emgage Action, allegedly the most prominent political action party (PAC) Muslim-American. Emgage is presented as a national organization not related to any party that works to guarantee equality of constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities for the communities they represent.

Emgage also organized a letter where the most prominent American Muslims endorsed Joe Biden for president. The signers were democratic, and they include the congresswoman Illhan Omar, the congressman Andre Carson and the chief prosecutor from Minnesota Keith Ellison, who prosecuted George Floyd’s case.

The attractive for Muslim-American as voters is relatively new, and it’s a combination of major political organizations and Muslim activism in the USA. During the summit, Biden expressed his thankfulness towards the Muslim community, saying that “the voices of American Muslims matter.”

Finally, when consulted about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, he affirmed that he “would advocate for the rights of both countries having their own separate States;” however, most of the people didn’t have the same opinion as Biden.

One of the main guests of the event was Linda Sarsour, a well-known pro-Palestine activist, and anti-Semitic militant. Just like Keith Ellison, Sarsour is an Ally of Louis Farrakhan, a popular African-American leader with the Islamic faith.

Farrakhan has never hidden and restrained himself from freely expressing his hate against Israel, as well as his hate towards the Jewish community and his fanatism for Fidel Castro’s killer regime in Cuba.

Farrakhan’s communist and anti-Semitic radicalism reached the point that when July 2020, he affirmed “asking God to bring coronavirus to Florida” because they had previously received exiled Cubans who escaped from the Cuban dictatorship. He described them as “members of the Jewish community,” even when in Cuba, most people practice Catholicism or any other Christian faith variant.

We’re still months away to see the outcome from this presidential battle.