Orlando will have a temporary “floating cinema” for five days in September

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Florida is one of the states that have been taking the COVID-19 pandemic situation lighter than most places. Of course, this can lead to many potential problems. Still, it seems like Florida’s citizens refuse to put the fun aside, and even with social distance being a must, they’re still trying to make sure everyone is having a great time while adapting to the world’s new normality.

Recently, Disney World opened its gates again to the public after almost four months of closure due to COVID-19 concerns. The first part of the park to open was Disney Springs. When July started, some other parks opened, including the Magic Kingdom, which happens to be the most popular and most prominent park in all Walt Disney World Resort.

The state will take things further, but a bit safer this time. A temporary “floating cinema” will launch in Orlando for five days in September. It will consist of 12 to 24 mini-boats. On this floating cinema, social distancing and COVID-19 concerns will not be a huge problem because every boat will be placed at a safe distance to make sure everyone has an excellent experience.

About the tickets, people must purchase them for the whole group. This preventive measure is required to ensure you’re only coexisting on the boats with known people, such as family and friends. It is still unknown when the tickets will be available for purchase, but for now, you can decide who will go with you on such a fun trip soon. The cinema is still two months away from being launched, so there’s more information to come about it!

The company behind this concept is “Beyond Cinema.” Even if we still don’t have too much information about what will be showcased on the big screen, the company has said there would be some great classics and other fresh movies (and even some newer ones, with the possibility of some premieres). The company said that this would be entirely confirmed when the tickets become available for purchase to the public.

This idea, which is similar to the auto cinemas, will also come with other perks. For example, just for attending, you’ll have free popcorn with no extra charge. However, other snacks and beverages must be purchased before you get inside the boat.

The exact location of this floating cinema is still yet to be announced. Also, the company said that a similar experience would be offered to other cities around the world so that this floating cinema won’t be exclusive to Orlando. People from other zones may experience it soon after that city lives it. 

The dates have been announced, so you can start planning your trip already! The experience will start on September 13, and you can see more information on the matter on this page.

Regarding COVID-19, Florida is currently in the top 3 states with more cases in the United States.

There are tons of surprises yet to come, so stay tuned for more information!