Report says China is currently forcing Christians to dispose of symbols and to renounce to their faith

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YUTONG, HENAN, CHINA - 2014/08/05: Followers of Father Dong's "underground" Catholic church praying during the daily evening mass held in a yard. Not belonging to the Chinese Patriotic association, they don't have a real church for the gathering. Currently they have no place to go and have chosen this open air yard for the services. Millions of Catholics in China outside the patronage of the government controlled Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. These "underground" catholic who recognized the Vatican as the only religious authority when it comes to their faith, are under the threat of harassment and imprisonment by the Chinese. authorities. (Photo by Gilles Sabrie/LightRocket via Getty Images)

According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is currently forcing members of Christianity to dispose of their symbols and to renounce to their faith. They are making them replace the symbols with imagery of the current president of China, Xi Jinping, and Chairman Mao.

The publication Bitter Winter is responsible for the information about what’s currently happening in China. The U.S Department of State describes it as an “online magazine” about human rights, religious liberty, and freedom of speech.

According to the publication, these events have been happening during months, making it even more serious. It all started in Lingam, where officers called the villagers and townspeople for massive government meetings. During these events, all the people who are currently receiving social welfare payments were given orders to throw away all the religious imagery they had in their houses, including crosses, pictures, and statues.

All of these items would be replaced with Mao/Jinping portraits, and the officers were given instructions to annul the subsidies in case any person dared to protest against what had been ordered.

However, things weren’t as peaceful (if that’s an adjective we can use here) as they may seem. According to one of the villagers, Communist officials broke into their homes and tore down all the religious imagery they had, then replaced it with portraits of Mao Zedong. Zedong is one of the most terrible dictators in history, having killed millions of people during the period he was the head of the government.

According to this person, the officer told them that they must obey the CCP because they’re currently receiving money from them.

Bitter Winter talked about this story on one of the latest online magazine issues, saying that «communists officers visited one of the local preachers only to tear down all the Jesus Christ imagery they had in their house, then proceeded to replace them with a Mao Zedong portrait.»

However, the preacher’s household was just one of the many impoverished households that were forced to display Mao Zedong imagery in an intent to replace the image of God and Jesus and turn the government into something similar to a religion.

In the publication, more similar cases were portrayed, and some were people’s welfare payments were cut because they refused to display Mao Zedong imagery in their houses were mentioned as well.

It seems like China is making modern-day crusades in order to erase all Christianity and other forms of religion to have more control in people. However, Muslims in China are treated even worse than Christians. They’re taken to concentration camps, where they are submitted for forced labor.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been heard from the most prominent Asian country. Back in 2017, the Washington Post reported something similar.

Regarding this issue, representatives of the Chinese government have said, «the only ones that can help people heal from diseases and subsist are the people from the Chinese government.»