San Francisco Giants Kneel during new season’s reopening as a protest against police brutality

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 21: Brandon Crawford #35 stands in the middle of Pablo Sandoval #48, manager Gabe Kapler, Mike Yastrzemski #5 and coach Andy King (L-R) of the San Francisco Giants during the National Anthem before their exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics at Oracle Park on July 21, 2020 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

During the exhibition baseball game, the San Francisco Giants won 6-2 against the Oakland Athletics. Still, before that happened, the whole team and their manager, Gabe Kapler, used their influence and position to give visibility to the current racial injustice the USA has been living in during the past months.

As a manner of giving a voice to those that can’t make themselves heard, Kapler gave details about the idea some hours before the game started. He said that the Giants would be sharing their support to everyone, regardless of their decisions about the matter.

Kapler expressed his disgust towards the recent police brutality members of the Black community who have been suffering, but not only that. He made emphasis that he “wants to amplify the voices of all marginalized communities.”

Kapler said the team would be addressing such essential topics the same way in the future, including the coaching staff, players and other personnel. Also, each player had the opportunity of having individual conversations about the topic, and many members of the team have been in contact with organizations after that.

As the problem is still being discussed and many people, including celebrities, have been using their influence to give visibility to the Black community’s problems, Kapler said plans to keep the positivity coming and the problem addressed.

It is still unknown if they are going to do something similar or will try to make a difference the next time, but one thing is assured: they have no plans to stop supporting the oppressed minorities.

This protest isn’t new in the sports scene. In fact, in the year 2016, Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers during that time, did the same thing when the national anthem was sung as well, as a protest against the same issue: injustice and racial inequality. However, there were more critics than positive comments about his actions during the next years.

People have drastically changed their minds about the matter after witnessing police brutality against members of the black community, especially after the death of George Floyd, a black man, which happened in May. He died after a police officer handcuffed him and then choked him by putting his knee against Floyd’s neck, even after he repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe.

This is the first time Gabe Kapler manages the Giants. In the last two years, he managed the Phillies, but unfortunately, things did not go as expected. However, it seems like the balance has taken the other side, and now the San Francisco Giants have been giving an excellent performance under Kapler’s direction.

People are still protesting every day against police brutality, and racial inequality through any means they can. Street manifestations have calmed now, but the issue is still being the main topic to talk about around the internet. This is a problem that won’t be solved to a day to another, and society must have a drastic change of heart for things to improve.